Anton Scheving

Digital Business Design Consultancy

Anton Scheving

Digital Business Design Consultancy

Business Strategy




How Business Strategy Will Help You

Having a business strategy will enable your business to have a clear vision that will enable you to distinguish between wise and poor decisions. A well formulated strategy can set your company apart in the market, create value for customers, keep your company aligned with its mission and increase profits.

What Is Business Strategy?

Your business strategy is the roadmap to reach your goals. Together we will establish your unique place in the market.

The strategy specifies a competitive outcome you want to achieve. Which involves customers wanting your service enough to make you a profit. You can’t control them, therefore strategy is a theory: That theory has to be coherent, it has to be doable, and you have to be able to translate that into actions for it to be a great strategy. Strategy is about saying here is what we believe will happen, we can not prove it or guarantee it, but it is what we believe will happen.

Business strategy session includes:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Collaborators
  • Value Proposition
  • Business model
  • Mission
  • Marketing strategy
  • Your Aims
  • Up to 4 hours with you and your team. All in one go or split up as required.


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