Anton Scheving

Digital Business Design Consultancy

Anton Scheving

Digital Business Design Consultancy

Designing for Change: A Digital Transformation for Nhoma

Client Background and Project Overview:

Nhoma, a charity devoted to enhancing education for children in Ghana, sought to revamp their website to attract more donations, boost user engagement, and offer an improved aesthetic experience. As an organization that operates two major projects, “Investing in Minds” and “Books for Ghana”, Nhoma aimed to engage with individuals who are passionate about supporting education. The challenge was to transform a cluttered, text-heavy site into a visually appealing, user-friendly platform that echoed Nhoma’s mission and values.

Research and Discovery:

We kicked off the project with a comprehensive brand discovery session. Through this, we gleaned valuable insights into Nhoma’s branding, message, and the personality they wanted to reflect. This guided us in designing a website that would resonate with potential donors and others interested in supporting education in Ghana.

Concept Development:

Inspired by Nhoma’s mission, we aimed to create a website that was visually appealing and easy to navigate, encouraging visitors to explore, learn, and, ultimately, take action. The designs were tailored to appeal to Nhoma’s target audience, while still being inclusive to all visitors. A key feature was a video created to convey Nhoma’s impactful work visually.

Design Iterations:

The design process was collaborative and iterative. Initial low fidelity designs helped gather feedback and insights from Nhoma, which was used to refine the high fidelity designs. A second round of feedback led to further design adjustments, ensuring Nhoma’s vision was fully realized.

Final Design and Implementation:

The final design is a harmonious balance of aesthetics and functionality, showcasing Nhoma’s projects and inviting visitors to get involved. The video, embedded within the site, serves as a compelling visual narrative of Nhoma’s work.

Results and Impact:

While the impact of a design is often difficult to quantify, Nhoma reported increased donations and volunteer interest following the website launch. These early indicators suggest the new design is effectively reaching and engaging the intended audience.

Reflection and Lessons Learned:

Through this project, the importance of a structured design process, accompanied by consistent client feedback, was reinforced. Navigating the balance between client feedback and design best practices was critical, demonstrating the importance of communication and collaboration in delivering a successful final product.


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